Mission Statement

The goal is for you, the viewer to know “the Why I paint, the What I paint & maybe even the way I paint” as in most applied arts it is self discovery, as much for me as it maybe also be for the viewer!


Art requires engaging with the canvas, brush & paint! When starting a painting their is usually expectations as to what I want to create on the canvas, but I have found, " if I have ears to hear" the process can be a dialog vs just a analog with the canvas. Why do I say this? Because their are several elements involved in the painting, besides my expectations. These elements are speaking (giving me feedback) if I'm willing to listen. The canvas can be almost like a mystically Mirror, helping me to see what direction to go with the painting.

For me I suppose the real question is " Am I willing to take the risk, like faith & go the direction of the feedback Im getting from the painting itself"?

believe the following statements are true, “No risks No rewards - No risk No real growth or insight," ! Through this process I have found areas within that are actually hindering the true creative process of being a Co - creator / painter. Furthermore when I push my own agenda of what the painting should be like, ignoring the dialog, much of my work ends up a waste of time & I might as well just paint by numbers or be a photographer..

But through many years of trial and error I have found when I allow the process of dialog to happen, it leads to a journey inward and outward with the art piece and myself. I may learn perhaps more than I had hoped for, or on the other hand things that are wonderful and worth holding unto. The letting go of pleasing others or being a perfectionist are the idols of the day in this process. So I dive in with both feet to explore the truth about myself and others, of colors shapes and depth of design. That is when my art truly is a creative process and expresses more then just my ideals but my spirit, will & emotions.

To get to the place of "who cares what anyone thinks" then I may be on the road to painting a authentic piece of art. Kid you not though, this process does not happen over night and may take up to several years of working on canvas!

Sincerely Nicholas Pujdak