Nicholas Pujdak - Bio

Born in Arcadia, California, Nicholas Pujdak is one of four first generation sons in the US of European immigrants. His mother, a retired dress designer, hails from England, & his father, an Architect from Warsaw, Poland, a Holocaust survivor, was a entrepreneur who built his own successful Architectural firm. Designing buildings nationally and internationally. Nicholas currently resides in San Gabriel, California.

Nicholas showed gifting for drawing and painting at an early age. He has worked in the past with several medias, clay, wood, watercolors, pen and ink, pastels & acrylics. Furthermore he worked along side several prominent local artists, which included a large scale wood carving 20' x 40' now hanging in the Children's Orthopedic Hospital in Los Angeles CA, he also worked in several pottery shops as a designer in his early teens.

Nicholas studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, an Art School in Oahu, Hawaii, the Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre California, and with various professional artists. His art reflects his love & inspiration from the Creation ( land & Sea ) and its Creator. The media he presently works with is acrylics on canvas, color being one of his his main fascinations. A few Artists he admires would be Mark Rothko, Seurat, and Wolf Kahn.

Being raised in California, and having the ocean so near, heading to the coastline seemed like the natural thing to do. So he took up surfing ( actually surfing took up him ) during his early teens. He surfed all along the California coastline, as well as the Baja Peninsula. Just north of Santa Barbara is the Hollister Ranch, a large area of private land along the coast with many coves and point breaks, this was one of my favorite surf breaks, "the natural habitat is still intact up there, being that it is mostly private property and underdeveloped, lets hope it always stays that way".

Now days he loves to recharge his batteries ( so to say ) up the coast in central California @, "Carmel by the Sea", "there is so much constant beauty up there, one can only be inspired to paint ! He has also traveled to several places in the United States, Oregon, Florida, Kansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Oahu Hawaii & Canada, as well as overseas to Australia!